Simultaneous Interpretation

This mode of interpretation is used in international events such as press conferences, political events, and workshops with a high number of participants. Interpreters translate what is being said with a noticeably short time delay to the audience using the technical set-up: This requires interpreting booth, equipped with interpreters’ consoles, microphones for speakers, and headsets to be distributed to audiences. Simultaneous interpreters work in a soundproof booth, from where they can see the conference room. If this not the case, at least one monitor needs to be installed in the booth for the interpreters to follow-up the presentation material and/or to look at the speaker.

The interpreting fees and the number of interpreters needed may change depending on the scope of the interpretation assignment, but in general at least two interpreters are required as they take turns in interpreting as this mode of interpretation needs high level of concentration.

The daily rate charged for the simultaneous interpretation is for immediate use. In case the interpretation is being recorded, additional fee for recording will be charged depending on the scope of the usage and the difficulty of the topic, which vary between 30% and 100% of the daily rate.