We understand the value of the source text within the framework of the source-language discourse and deliver the target text considering the whole context.

Our expertise in the translation services include:

  • Technical translation: Patent documentation such as claims, specification, document laid open for inspection, user manual, operating instruction, process description, maintenance manual, training documentation, assembly instruction, specification documents, technical presentation etc.
  • Legal translation: Official documents, court ruling, legal translations, judgement, statement of claim, terms and conditions, contracts etc.
  • Localization: Software localization, operating system, software and apps, product information etc.
  • Marketing text: Websites, leaflet, catalogues, presentation documents


Interpreters should be equipped with a wide range of linguistic and interpersonal skills. Language education and experience build the foundation for becoming a good interpreter, but it is as well important that they are empathetic listeners. Ability to express thoughts clearly and concisely in both languages is a must. They need to be stress resistant as well as a great deal of pressure and strains are imposed on interpreters working in international conferences or bilateral negotiations. Depending on your needs and the characteristics of your events, we provide you with the appropriate mode for the interpretation services covering consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation (incl. RSI (remote simultaneous interpretation)) and whispering interpretation services. Pls. contact us when you are not sure about the interpretation mode. We will list up the pros and cons for each interpretation mode. Pls. refer to the additional link for further differentiation of the interpretation modes.


Do you want to expand your business to South-Korea? We provide you with our consulting services to enter and tap the Korean market and acquire new projects.

In terms of strategic services, we can support you to perform market research and analysis on the targeted Korean market to evaluate the potential of the market. If you are looking for a strategic partner in Korea, we can support you by involving our strategic partners in Korea such as Small & Medium Business Corporation (SBC) and Korea Core Industrial Technology Investment Association (KITIA). When it comes to operative services such as acquiring new projects, sales, marketing activities and participating in a trade fair, we are there for you to identify the right approach. Pls. do not hesitate to contact us and we will together find solution!



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