Remote Interpretation

 Amid the travel restrictions due to pandemics, meetings and conferences are being held online. The interpreters join via audio and/or video with the support of the technical tools. This mode of interpretation is called remote interpreting or distance interpreting. This is an ideal way to hold online meetings with the support of the interpreters, when the speaker, participants and the interpreter can not be on the same location due to travel restrictions. There are two types of remote interpreting.

  • Remote consecutive interpretation: During your video or telephone call, the interpreter waits until you finish speaking. They then convey the message in their target language what has been said to the participants.
  • Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI): For conferences and large meetings, simultaneous interpretation mode offers interpretation in real-time. This mode of interpretation requires suitable platform or technologies. It is recommendable to work with a webcasting provider specialized in this field holding a rehearsal session.

Remote interpretation may be subject to a recording fee (copyright fee) for the interpreters, especially if their interpretation sound files are posted online or stored for later usage.