Translation Services

The digitalization and artificial intelligence (AI) are imposing a great deal of change in the world of translation and further progress can not be excluded. Are the translators going to be replaced by AI? No, translators not only can make us of AI, but they can also benefit using AI as this results in higher accuracy and fewer misunderstanding than when using a simple machine translation. But still the translator is needed especially in the global digitalized world like ours. A professional translation service requires more than conveying the message into the target language.

We deliver more: We understand the value of the source text within the framework of the source-language discourse and deliver the target text considering the whole context.

Our expertise in the translation services is:

  • Technical translation: Patent documentation such as claims, specification, document laid open for inspection, user manual, operating instruction, process description, maintenance manual, training documentation, assembly instruction, specification documents, technical presentation etc.
  • Legal translation: Official documents, court ruling, legal translations, judgement, statement of claim, terms and conditions, contracts etc.
  • Localization: Software localization, operating system, software and apps, product information etc.
  • Marketing text: Websites, leaflet, catalogues, presentation documents