Ji-Hyun Lee, born in Seoul, is the founder of HanDok Partners. She has more than 18 years of working experience in international business in the field of semiconductors, consumer electronics, venture capital, IT, biotechnology, event management (2002 FIFA World Cup Japan, Korea) and consulting for the German state and trade fairs. Her activities ranged from the areas of controlling, strategic business development to sales & logistics.


Ji-Hyun holds an M.A. degree in simultaneous interpretation and translation from Hankook University of Foreign Studies in Seoul. She studied German Linguistics at the University of Zurich as scholarship grantee of the Swiss government, which she continued as Ph.D. candidate. Ji-Hyun holds a MBA degree from the University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart Institute of Management and Technology, in International Management. Her thesis was on “System Integration enabled via Modularity in Semiconductor Industry for TV Applications”.



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